Don’t Ask – Don’t Eat Policy

There’s a buffet restaurant in town we go to three or four times a year. it’s fairly high end in its fare – not a total carb outlet. Some of the staff were nice enough to ask for a picture with me, which they then hung near the register.

We haven’t been there in months. Tonight, on our way to the movies, we thought we’d stop by.

CLOSED by order the of the Health Department (or something very similar), the weather worn notice affixed to the door read. That’s not good. In over twenty years here in Connecticut, I’ve never seen anything like that before.

Exactly what do you have to do to be shut down, not just warned? Maybe I don’t want to know.

I’ve checked the website of the local health department and there’s nothing there. It’s one of life’s little mysteries… like the food at the buffet.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Ask – Don’t Eat Policy”

  1. You’d have to really be in bad shape, or, be completely uncooperative with your health inspector.

    I was a chef for years, and the health inspector would come on a random basis, but just about every couple months. When they would come, they go through EVERYTHING – but even getting a bunch of violations won’t get you shut down – you just have to remedy them.. within a months time. Plenty of time to fix anything. I’ve even seen restaurants crawling with cockroaches (not ones that I worked at..) that have passed inspection.

    My point.. it’s pretty hard to get shutdown, unless you do something to really disgust or piss off the inspector – and they’ve seen it all.

  2. I have always been amazed you cannot view the results of health inspections here in CT. With everything being public these days, what could be more important to view than the sanitary standards of the place you eat?

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