My Job’s Nearly Done

I didn’t get home until 2:30 this morning. I spent the extra time at my desk, working on the new ‘look’ for our weather graphics.

It was a whole lot easier to do what I wanted to do once everyone else had left. Is that a good thing? At my age, shouldn’t I be able to work with a little distraction?

Working through tumult is a great skill to have. It’s even better than being able to fall asleep before the airplane has taxied from the gate!

Stef went to an elementary school with open classrooms. To me, it seemed like she was learning in a bus terminal. There was always noise. There were always distractions.

I’ll have to ask if she thinks this training under fire was helpful? Is she better prepared to work in the midst of a construction zone than I am?

My project is nearly done now. Unfortunately, the last 10% of a job can take 90% of the time. Exceptions are very difficult to process and need more individual attention.

If it’s any solace, I’m pleased by how things look. I wish it was possible to quantify what difference, if any, it will make.

2 thoughts on “My Job’s Nearly Done”

  1. I would have thought that since you grew up in New York City and took a subway ride to high school, you would have perfected the art of studying (or working) while surrounded by people and noise. At least, that’s how I explain to myself the fact that I’ve always gotten more done in loud public places than in a quiet office. The hardest thing for me to do in an office is stay awake!

  2. I noticed the new graphics tonight and really like the red/white/blue theme. I also like that weekends are highlighted on the 8-day. Good job!

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