Tasting Winter

Peter left Connecticut this afternoon. It was a brief trip. Before he left, we headed into New Haven for Sunday brunch.

There is no denying, we have hit winter!

Looking out the restaurant window, the city has gone gray. There’s steam coming from a generation plant at Yale. It’s virtually the same color as the sky.

We haven’t had a lot of precipitation, but the tiny coating on the ground looks slick. Before climbing the hill back to our house from the main road (it sounds like I’m living in rural West Virginia), I switched Helaine’s SUV into 4WD.

My car is in the garage for the duration.

Just a moment ago, as I was writing this entry, a crawl came across the bottom of our TV. I-95 is closed in Guiford. Other roads are closed as well.

At least this was forecast. Trust me, it’s some consolation.

The next few months will be our own little piece of hell.

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