Here Comes The Snow

There is snow in the forecast. I’m getting sweaty.

People think I’m excited because, as a weatherman, I must like active weather. Nothing could be further from the truth! Active weather is full of forecasting pitfalls.

Helaine has already said she expects me to be up early… not to go to work early, but to verify if what I’ve predicted is coming true!

It looks like snow inland and a more sloppy, wintry mix near the shore.

This is my Maalox moment. The next 24 hours will be pressure packed.

2 thoughts on “Here Comes The Snow”

  1. at least you have enough pride in your job that you would find these moments tense ones, unlike Steve Martin’s character in LA Story, where he pre-recorded the entire weekend forecast (sunny and warm), then went on vacation (it rained).

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