Notes From Bradley International

PIC-0176I’m at the airport, killing time while waiting for my flight. Bradley isn’t too crowded today.

William Mitchell was the skycap who took my bag. “Did they call you Billy,” I asked, referring to the famous aviator came up with the idea airplanes could takeoff and land on ships at sea (and after whom Milwaukee’s airport is named)? He said the name hadn’t been a problem until he started flying planes.

Note to self: This skycap is making more money than some of the pilots. One bag, two minutes, two bucks. He was Vegas friendly.

Speaking of which… a few trips ago, in Las Vegas, I was frisked because I was wearing a baggy sweatshirt. Same sweatshirt today. No problem.

They did look at Clicky and rubbed some bomb detecting stuff on my 70-300 mm lens.

I’m sitting off to the side, facing away from the gate. The only two people in this line of seats are me and another guy. We’re here for the electrical outlets. Airports need more of those.

My flight is scheduled to depart on time. Easy to say, even though it’s not physically here.

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