Least Appetizing Meal Alert

I almost forgot to write this. After poker, my friend and his son were hungry. Maybe Chinese food? We headed to Los Angeles’ Chinatown.

There was a time when Chinatown was smoking all night. Not anymore. There were few places open as we drove by just before 11:00 PM.

We walked into the one we randomly chose and sat down by the window. The Health Department sign showed they had received a “B” on their last inspection. No Dean’s List for you!

Outside, a rat took his time walking near the base of a newspaper box.

The food was OK. However, what I found totally unnerving was this entry at the bottom of one menu page. Somehow, it’s lack of specificity is what scares me most. Exactly whose intestine is this?

5 thoughts on “Least Appetizing Meal Alert”

  1. Oh man, I think I would immediately leave and run away.

    You can’t be too sure these days…did you happen to see about this guy in Texas who killed his girlfriend and proceeded to boil her and then call the cops to tell them what he did?

    I saw it in the Waterbury paper today…maybe a paper out there picked it up?

  2. The bigger question lies in the line below “Hot & Spicy – Cash Only”…. are they assuming that if you order the Hot and Spicy plates, you won’t live to see your next credit card bill?

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