Poker At The Commerce

PIC-0179Among my goals in California was a trip to the Commerce Casino. It is a mainly poker casino in a small municipality adjacent to Los Angeles.

This is by no means the type of casino you’d find in Connecticut or Las Vegas. It is smaller and looks a little worn.

There are poker rooms on the ground and second floors. Playing very low stakes games, I walked the stairs.

My friend and his son came along, and they actually had a good time. Though they’re not poker players, they did play in a $40 sit and go tournament played on a computer driven dealerless table.

I really wanted to like the electronic poker table, but I didn’t. There was something missing. I’m not sure if it was the lack of a dealer, many of whom don’t speak English anyway, or the absence of the old school tactile connection with the cards and chips.

By the time we left, I had won around $100 playing at low stakes games. I had a good time, because I like playing cards. I’ve been to spiffier joints.

2 thoughts on “Poker At The Commerce”

  1. how to go dawg. team wingnut is proud of you. did you nab a chip or two?

    the rest of team wingnut will be at the sun tomorow in your honor to give the pokerpro tables a spin ourselves (free roll)

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