Fun In The Snow

I am watching the end of the Seattle – Green Bay game from Lambeau Field. Helaine wanted Seattle to win. Sorry.

The game is being played in a major snowstorm. I’m glad I’m not there. On the other hand, it’s so much fun to watch.

Weather as a factor is one reason football is such an amazing game. Why would they ever allow it to be played inside?

2 thoughts on “Fun In The Snow”

  1. Snow is fun..until it contributes to the failure of the camera that was supposed to be bringing me a live shot from Green Bay for the 6pm news.

    By the way…what you didn’t get to see, being way over in CT, is the idiot who decided to run into our 10pm sports live from Green Bay.

    Oh yeah…good football game…not that I care…My team isn’t in the playoffs this year.


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