What Costs A Half Billion And Orbits Mercury?

I just read an article about the NASA space probe, currently approaching Mercury.

Hey, I’m with you. Other than knowing it’s a planet, I’m pretty stumped about Mercury.

From Wikipedia: Mercury (pronounced /ˈmɝkjʊəri/) is the innermost and smallest planet in the solar system, orbiting the Sun once every 88 days. It ranges in brightness from about −2.0 to 5.5 in apparent magnitude, but is not easily seen as its greatest angular separation from the Sun (greatest elongation) is only 28.3

2 thoughts on “What Costs A Half Billion And Orbits Mercury?”

  1. I think you’re a little off in attacking NASA for spending 0.5 billion to get to Mercury — I mean, as a weatherman your number one job is to tell people the temperature, and how could you tell the temperature without the mercury that they need for thermometers?

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