9,421 Problems Are Gone

I’m still not on Google, but Friday night’s purging (Thanks again Bob) has made a measurable difference.

Google’s webmaster tools now says it can’t find 9,421 pages on my site. Each and every one was a spammy link page. Some of the descriptive text in the URLs is very disgusting.

It is scary what can happen while you’re not watching! I’m hoping this chapter in my life is over.

Blogger’s addendum: Sitemap has been in my banned words list. I’m not sure why. I know someone tried to comment tonight and got rejected because of it. It’s now outta here.

Addendum II – As of 10:54 PM EST 1/21/08 Google reports 26,524 spammy pages it can’t find! I’m curious to see how high the number goes.

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