Doing Doodles

When we broke for the day, I took the pad home. Later, I looked at it and realized my doodles are exactly the same geometric shapes, drawn with the same techniques, as when I was in high school (my earliest remembrance of doodles).

doodles.jpgI was involved in union negotiations the past two days. I can’t/won’t talk about that here, but something did happen that I want to write about.

It was a lull in the action, I was sitting at a table with a small pad in front of me. I began to doodle. Most people doodle, right?

The doodles have mainly been subconscious actions, drawn without real thought. I’m just keeping busy. Well, except for my arrows. Back in my teenage years, I heard drawing arrows pointing down was a psychological ‘tell’. From then on, the arrows pointed up.

I don’t have any old doodles in front of me, but I’m guessing you could rip a page from one of my Brooklyn Tech notebooks, hold it next to these and be hard pressed to tell the difference.

My doodles probably say a lot about me… more than I realize. Don’t be confused. That doesn’t mean I want to know what they say.

2 thoughts on “Doing Doodles”

  1. The psychological “tell” on the bottom left scribble tells me that you’re going to go all in with a flopped straight to the ace.

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