Brooklyn Tech 40th Reunion… I’m Tempted

I went to an all boys, engineering oriented, academically superior high school – Brooklyn Tech. We were the nerds! For four years of high school, I carried a slide rule and I knew how to use it.

It was a form email. “Geoff, come home to Tech,” it screamed in large italicized type.

Homecoming Weekend is just two months away! Many of your classmates plan to attend Homecoming and Reunion events. Why not join them?

bths.jpgThe time has come for my 40th high school reunion – Brooklyn Tech Class of ’68.

I shudder to think what the years have done. My suspicion is, many of them are still waiting for their first opportunity to see a woman naked.

I went to an all boys, engineering oriented, academically superior high school – Brooklyn Tech. We were the nerds, all 6,000 of us! For four years of high school, I carried a slide rule and knew how to use it.

We possessed the skills necessary to succeed as adults. We sucked at being teenagers. As it turns out, those two skill sets are mutually exclusive.

This was not a neighborhood high school. I took the Q65A bus to the E or F subway and then transferred to the GG line, continuing on the NYCTA’s red headed stepchild route.

Even if we had the skills to have relationships with girls, we were totally isolated from them. Allegedly we had a ‘sister school’. Yeah, they were dying to have more quality time with us.

I am in touch with no one from my school. An email sent to one classmate I was curious about received a response containing these welcoming words: “Who are you?” I guess I wasn’t memorable.

I’m tempted to go the the reunion. It’s a daylight affair, at the school. I’d surely leave Helaine at home. Too traumatic.

8 thoughts on “Brooklyn Tech 40th Reunion… I’m Tempted”

  1. Why?

    These were really bright kids. My 1300+ SATs put me way back in the pack. There was one 1600 in my prefect (homeroom) and he wasn’t the smartest.

    I’m sure we have doctors and lawyers and lots of scientists – each with non-existent social skills.

    I’m not sure they’re going to be all that excited about TV-boy from Connecticut.

  2. You may not have been the brightest in the class,(1300 is nothing to sneeze at) but trust me, I am your age and unless a lot of “TV magic” is involved, you will be among if not the best preserved. Take Helaine, she’ll tell you.

  3. Odds are at a least a handful of your classmates have moved up our way and now watch you on Channel 8. Having gone to college in New York (CCNY, whose students are virtually 100% New York city high school grads), I can tell you that almost all of my classmates have moved out of the city — many into New York’s northern suburbs.

  4. Hi Geoff,

    Tech ’69 is alive and well. Or at least I am.

    College Prep, ran track, Inspection Lab with Bernie Polan… it’s all coming back to me.

    You may recall that we were the only graduating class to never have a full year of school.

    Back in the good old days… when people went on strike for what they believed in.

    So I’m going tomorrow, hope to see you there.



  5. Geoff,

    I saw your list of blog entries from the past and noticed this one. My brother and I went with Dad to his 60th reunion which would have been held at the same time as your 40th. It was interesting to see his high school and to hear the stories. So much had changed. it was his first time back. I think he had a good time. I was surprised to hear that the auditorium is second only to Radio City Music hall in size in NY.


  6. Hi Geoff…
    Loved your comment… “Who are you?”…

    I (also) attempted to contact you about a decade ago; and got that EXACT response FROM YOU!

    I do remember, however, visiting your apartment in Queens one day after school, and you proudly showing off your pirate radio station (WINO)…

    We used to have lunch on a semi-regular basis, and had similar interests in Ham Radio and Computers..

    Remember John Wells (in our class)?
    Remember the Ham Radio adviser (Mr. Temes)?

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