Hooray For Hollywood-icut

IMG_9223I got an email yesterday from Ameen up in North Canaan. You might remember Ameen as our surprise tour guide when Steve and I went for a photo outing in the Litchfield Hills last September.

He’s hosting a movie shoot!

That’s Ameen, looking very Steven Van Zandt’ish, standing in front of Collin’s Diner. I believe, at the time, he was trying to figure out what the two guys with big cameras were doing in his parking lot.

Hello Geoff:

I hope this finds you well.

I was wondering if you could pass this bit of news on to whomever may

think it news worthy, on March 9th filming of the feature film “The

Vicious Kind” starring Brittany Snow will begin at my beautiful

National Historic Landmark Collin’s Diner. Hollywood is coming to

Collin’s Diner not just to eat but to film!



I don’t know what the movie’s about, but I do know Collin’s Diner looks like it was plucked from the past. This is not Mickey D’s. It’s old school through-and-through. It’s the kind of place location scouts pray for.

I wonder what the over/under is on Ameen’s getting on screen?

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