This Bizarre Life

He finished the email saying: “Anyway, thanks for help pass the time. You lead a bizarre life.”

I just finished reading an email from a friend. He, in turn, had just finished reading a batch of my blog entries.

He’s on the road. I’m his time killer. I like that I can fill that need.

He finished the email saying:

“Anyway, thanks for help pass the time. You lead a bizarre life.”

A bizarre life?

You can let me know in the comments if you think he’s right, but I think he misspoke (not in the Hillary Clinton sense). My life isn’t bizarre. It’s just unusually full, exceedingly unstructured and heavily documented.

Here’s part of the email he got in return.

“I don’t look at it that way, but I do enjoy looking at nuances… the subtlety that usually goes unspoken and defines everything we do. And, at 57, I’m still curious about life and still driven to make whatever I do count.”

Sometimes that may lead me to do out-of-the-ordinary things, but bizarre?

I like to know why things happen. The only way to do that is have context. That’s why I read so much – nearly always point based essays of article length and seldom books, which by virtue of their size are usually less sharply defined.

Please don’t feel bad for me or think he was taking a dig. Nothing could be further from the truth. I take the “bizarre” characterization as a compliment. Indeed, I’m pretty sure it was meant that way.

What better endorsement of your life is there than to say it’s bizarre, the opposite of mundane?

4 thoughts on “This Bizarre Life”

  1. Bizzare or not, I for one, enjoy reading about it.

    I am especially looking forward to more on the intervalometer. Has it come in? Have you tried it? Its fascinating, and I may need to try it out myself!

    One of the sites I ended up at as a result of your link, had great time lapse shots of LAX- definitely my favorite of the time lapse stuff- the planes look like a lightning bug circus. (she’s talking about – Geoff)

    Just keep the bizarreness coming.

  2. A “bizarre life”?

    Well let’s see now.

    You are at the top of your field in Connecticut. Watched and respected by what, hundreds of thousands? or is it millions of viewers daily. You’ve been on national television by invitation several times.

    You hold the highest level of Amateur Radio License that can be had. (You even know Morse Code!)

    You have shown an expert eye for “seeing” a picture and being able to capture it.

    You answer questions in you blog from people that you have never met and always seem to treat them with respect.

    From all outward appearances you have a wonderful wife that you love very much and a daughter who has grown into (or is growing into) a very lovely young lady.

    I think that perhaps “bizarre” is the wrong word, but if that is a bizarre life, I’ll take one!

    So you’re from New York, no one is perfect!


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