Making My Case – Step One

If the law is followed we’ll be getting back the tow money and the ticket will be quashed… if the law is followed.

I took a ride to the scene of Stef’s ‘ticket and tow.’ Sure enough, the signs are out of compliance! I took some photos (and will post them later). If the law is followed we’ll be getting back the tow money and the ticket will be quashed… if the law is followed.

I drove to work and walked the block and a half to 200 Orange Street, where New Haven’s Department of Traffic and Parking fills part of the basement. They could not have been nicer. I filled out a form: “Request for Review Parking Violation/Towing” and handed it over the counter. In the “Nature of Complaint” box I wrote:

No parking sign does not comply with state regulation 14-28-514. It is approx 5′ tall & hidden by bushes. Next sign on block is blank on side in view.

“Six to eight weeks,” I was told. Hmmmm… I was only given fifteen days. Whatever.

A department functionary looks at it first. If they don’t kill my ticket I can see a hearing officer.

OK–this is too much fun for me. I admit it. It’s a game I like to play.

4 thoughts on “Making My Case – Step One”

  1. Geoff,

    Maybe they “couldn’t have been nicer” because you’re not exactly an anonymous person.

    The question is would John Q. Public get the same treatment?

    And if you win your appeal is it because you’re who you are?

  2. Would be an interesting experiment. anyone up for getting their car towed on the 4th tuesday? 😉

    I would also agree with Jim, and I bet that the 2 experiences would be completely different.

  3. I assume a check is run before the car is ticketed and towed. If being me was such a help the car, registered in my name, wouldn’t have been towed in the first place.

    I don’t doubt people are nice to me because they’ve seen me on TV for 24 years, but everything was in place so anyone could fill out this form. There were three clipboards with pens. The office was pleasant. There was one person in front of me and he seemed reasonably happy with his treatment.

    I would, and will, give grief where deserved. It is not in this case.

    My main concern is, how will the City of New Haven deal with their mistake? When I post the photos, you’ll see the difference between five and seven feet meant Stef could not see the sign from her car.

  4. Geoff is right on both counts.

    1. They do run your plates because when you call the cops to find out what happened to your car, they know where it is and the registration. Also, some people will just get impounded if they owe for a bunch of tix- and they have to run the plates to do that, too.

    2. The office is very well set-up. They write an incredible number of tickets and get enough challenges that they’ve made it easy.

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