My March To Justice: The Photos

Here are the three photos I’ve submitted to the Department of Traffic and Parking

Here are the three photos I’ve submitted to the Department of Traffic and Parking:

This is what Stef would have seen from her car. Most of the sign is obscured. The only part of the bottom sign showing is for “SNOW EMERGENCY” parking. From the sidewalk this sign is blocked by the bush.

If she was curious and turned around, the sign behind her is blank in this direction.

That’s the lovely and talented Matt Scott with a tape measure. It’s about five feet from the sidewalk to the bottom of the sign. It’s well below the state regulations.

8 thoughts on “My March To Justice: The Photos”

  1. this is great – I hope you win, which is just as valuable a lesson to your daughter. using Matt Scott as a crime scene investigator was brilliant too.

  2. She took responsibility–never shirked from it. However, after looking at the place where the ticket was written, it’s understandable why she missed the sign. The regulations are pretty specific in saying seven feet to the sign’s bottom. It is done to prevent this.

    Stef has learned a lesson. We doubt this will ever happen again.

  3. Matt is a perfect Watson to your Holmes! I hope you treated him to a fried clam lunch for all his hard work!

    Great stuff!

  4. Nicely done. That’s what I did for my ticket, though I lacked the digital camera and used a disposable. You’ve made it very hard for them to give you the ticket.

    As for the first comment, I don’t get it. Why should you pay a fine / bail when you didn’t have notice? The city messed up.

  5. “Mr Kabin” has been a loyal reader and commenter on the blog. He is entitled to his opinion and I’m glad he expressed it. There are surely others who feel the same way he does.

    On this blog, I’m the person who should get grief, not my commenters.

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