The Worst Place We’ve Ever Eaten In

Helaine wanted to go to a Chinese buffet for dinner tonight. These are places run by Chinese people with Chinese and lots of other food. We had a favorite here in Hamden until the Health Department closed it–really!

Helaine remembered another we’d been to in a nearby town. She just didn’t remember the name or the exact location. Google to the rescue… or so we thought. We pulled up to a shopping center on a hill. The restaurant’s name was written letter-by-letter in a large sign that doubled as a bird’s nest.

“The parking lot’s nearly empty. This doesn’t look good,” she said. It was Saturday evening. No sense having a restaurant if you can’t fill it on Saturday.

I was hungry and suggested we take a look. Unfortunately, as soon as we stuck our heads in there were two women taking us to a table.

I’m not going into detail, except to quote Helaine, who said: “This is disgusting. This is the worst place we’ve ever eaten in.”

That was enough for me!

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