It’s My Birthday

This is the celebratory equivalent of “your call is important to us.”

birthday cake and forkIt’s my birthday.

Stef and Helaine gave me cards, presents and cake. It’s good to be Geoff.

I’ve gotten at least a half dozen “Happy Birthday” emails from websites that asked for my d.o.b. when I registered. This is the celebratory equivalent of “your call is important to us.” If birthday greetings are spit out of your website like shi*t from a greased goose–I’ll pass.

My parents arrive in a few hours. That’s another great birthday gift.

4 thoughts on “It’s My Birthday”

  1. Did you ever exchange greetings with Mick Jagger — with whom you share July 26th? Or Darlene Love, Dobie Gray, Brenton Wood and Bobby Hebb? They all share your big day. (Bet you spun their tunes “back in the day.”)Charlie Van Dyke is also a July 26er as is filmmaker Blake Edwards. And your wife ought to get a chuckle out of this name — Marty Bystrom, 5 and 0 for the 1980 championship Phillies.

    BTW, Maureen McGovern, Bobbie Gentry, Shane Rawley, Brian Kingman (the last 20-game loser of the 20th century)and Norman Lear join me tomorrow.

    From one Media-Leo to another, l’chaim!


    from the Fox Family of Southern California.

    Michael, Melissa and Max

    (this message is not computer generated)

  3. Oh sure. Look at the weather you get on your birthday. Can’t tell me it’s not fixed!

    Think you could put in for a day like today for me on Aug. 13?

    Happy Birthday, Geoff.


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