On Getting Older

There is no rewind button on life.

qcwa_photo.jpgThere’s something about this last birthday that’s been sobering. You kid around when you hit 30 or 40 or even 50, but the kidding has stopped and it’s come at a strange time, age 58.

In my mind I’ve skipped right past 58. I’m now “nearly 60.” There is no way to spin that positively and the thought keeps coming back to me.

The attached picture arrived via email this afternoon. I’m guessing it’s circa 1985. I still feel like the guy in the photo, but I know I’m not. I’m a full generation older. There is no rewind button on life.

I’m lucky, because I look significantly younger than my age. Even that number is too large!

I’m a little depressed today.

4 thoughts on “On Getting Older”

  1. Yeah, I hear you, no kidding. Today is my 39th birthday. I fell like I’ve skipped past 39 and I am looking straight at 40. I was 16 in 1985! Live Aid!!!!

  2. This was a definite disadvantage when I was 21 and looked 14. It’s a better thing now. But, again, I know the real chronological number.


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