The Parking Ticket Saga Continues

“Let me have a look into this and get back to you later today,” he said.

Really–you thought he would?

Forty four days ago, if you’re counting, I went to City Hall to protest a parking ticket and tow Stef received. The area was improperly marked. Here’s the full story. I thought it was unfair to hide the sign in the bushes and then play gotcha for $127.

Two days ago I sent an email to the Director of the department that covers this asking for an update. “Let me have a look into this and get back to you later today,” he said.

Really–you thought he would?

I sent another email this afternoon. He asked if I could call and I immediately replied saying it would be five minutes. Five minutes later when I called he was gone.

Really–you thought he would be there?

I called and spoke to someone else in the department. Probably not a good idea. I reminded her that we only get 15 days to respond. She was not happy. She had discussed my ‘case’ but had not seen my “Request for Review Parking Violation/Towing.” I read her the state regs. I am not yet convinced that matters. She said she’d speak to the engineer, who I assume was the person who said the signs would be fine where they are in the first place.

I am told there will be a written response soon, right after their decision. I am torn between wanting this decided in my favor now or going for a real judicial appeal so I can play amateur lawyer. Whatever.

I will pursue this as a matter of principle… and because this afternoon they ticked me off. Please, don’t tick me off.

3 thoughts on “The Parking Ticket Saga Continues”

  1. Look into this- (this is not legal advice). If they don’t rule your way on the papers, or drag their feet…

    I think you can write to them to request an actual formal hearing before a municipal hearing officer. The person who wrote the citation has to show up and you should be able to cross-examine them.

    If they don’t grant you a hearing within a reasonable time, you can probably go to Superior Court. If they rule against you, likewise. I think the filing fee is small.

    As Churchill said… NEVER GIVE UP.

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