If Merv was still here this wouldn’t be a problem.

I do a little tease/cut-in during Jeopardy. We don’t hear on-air programs in the studio, so after the cut-in I usually go to the control room where we all try and guess the Final Jeopardy answer.

There’s new thinking music. NO!!!

There are certain things in life than needn’t be screwed with–starting with the Final Jeopardy Thinking Music. If Merv was still here this wouldn’t be a problem.

3 thoughts on “Jeopardy”

  1. The 30-second think music has changed a few times in the shows (current) 25 year history. Originally, they used the same music Merv had for the Fleming version…but retired it about 10 years ago.

    I kinda like the new music…’s retro-y.

  2. Master control mistakenly took the weather wall wall live instead of a taped tease. The result? Me coughing and talking to people in the studio. I just wish I knew it was going to happen so I could put on some make up.

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