Roaring Brook Falls In Cheshire, CT

I gulped for air as sweat ran from every pore in my body. My shirt was soaked and my glasses fogged by the time I saw the falls.

A few days ago I was talking waterfalls with Jed, one of our newsroom editors. Jed’s from Cheshire and asked if I’d ever been to Roaring Brook Falls? Nope. So that was my goal for today.

Roaring Brook Falls is another hidden gem, less than 15 minutes from here. It has the longest vertical drop of any waterfall in Connecticut at 80 feet. OK, this isn’t Colorado.

I went searching for pictures online and came away disappointed. I now know why. Roaring Brook is hidden away in the woods and the only view this time of year is through heavy growth.

I drove to Cheshire and parked at the end of a cul de sac. My camera gear, including a tripod and full compliment of lenses, was in my backpack. I threw it on and began to walk.

A gravel trail ran past a boy fishing on a tranquil lake and a tennis court. A few dozen feet beyond the court a small dirt path cut off to the left. I knew I’d be following a path heading that way, but this was too small.

I continued walking the trail as it turned sharply uphill. I’d later check and see I’d climbed about 500 feet of elevation before reaching the path’s end at an abandoned and heavily vandalized house. Huffing and puffing, I pulled out my cellphone and called Jed.

Oops. Wrong trail.

I turned back, found the cutoff trail and continued walking toward the waterfall. This trail too climbed sharply. Again I’d be climbing close to 500 feet. After a showery weekend the trail was slick. I kept my eyes down looking for moss or anything else that would deprive me of traction. I gulped for air as sweat ran from every pore in my body. My shirt was soaked and my glasses fogged by the time I saw the falls.

I’m actually proud of this climb. I’m not sure how well I would have done a year ago–especially with a heavy pack on my back. Walking Sleeping Giant with Helaine has increased my stamina. I am more fit than I’ve been in years… maybe decades.

My photography, unfortunately, will win no prizes. The falls are just too well-hidden to allow the kind of photos I’d like. It’s possible there are areas beyond where I went with better views. The trees will lose their camouflage power once the leaves fall off this fall. If you know more about better vantage points, please leave a comment.

I’ll be back.

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