Is It Worth The Fight?

You can beat city hall, but is it worth it?

Nearly a month after I won my hearing on Stef’s parking ticket–no check! I went to 200 Orange Street this afternoon. I am told a check will be cut.

Truth is, this isn’t my screw-up. The city was wrong with their sign which is what started us down this rabbit hole. This is now my third trip to 200 Orange plus the other hoops I’ve had to jump through.

I feel bad because New Haven is in a financially difficult time. However, this ticket isn’t how they should be working their way out of the crisis (and I suspect it is a crisis).

You can beat city hall, but is it worth it? Maybe I should have just paid the seventy two dollars and said screw it?

3 thoughts on “Is It Worth The Fight?”

  1. Pay it and say screw it? Nope, you couldn’t do that if you tried….

    If nothing else, you gave Stef a valuable lesson. Stand up when you’re right.

  2. Yeah–one thing that does bother me is how the rules are very specific for me and not so much for them. That does, in the abstract, seem unfair.

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