Philip Seymour Hoffman–Amazing

Tom Hanks very good. PSH amazing.

We are watching Charlie Wilson’s War. Have I mentioned we subscribe to Netflix but hold onto movies long enough I might as well have bought them.

Anyway, we’re watching the movie–in the midst of the movie right now–but I wanted to say how much I like Philip Seymour Hoffman. He is amazing.

Tom Hanks very good. PSH amazing. I know I’m the last to catch on to this.

OK, I can un-pause now.

4 thoughts on “Philip Seymour Hoffman–Amazing”

  1. I have seen it… enjoyed it… will recommend it… but only if I get to mention parts are violent–depraved violence.

  2. Yes, the guy is amazingly good.

    In addition to some of his bigger movies, such as Magnolia, The Talented Mr. Ripley, and Almost Famous, you should try to catch some of his less-well-known work. Two that I think are absolutely terrific are Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead and Owning Mahoney.

  3. He also had an unheralded role in one of the Mission: Impossible movies. He had an “off beat” personality but was a brilliant actor. Gone way too soon. May he rest in peace.

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