On Bernie Madoff

There are some people who have dodged enough bullets to think they are bulletproof

I need to preface this. I think Bernie Madoff is scum-of-the-Earth. He deserves what he’s getting and them some. His family, who profited wildly from his crimes, should be left destitute.

OK–no sympathy from me.

Still, when I watched his lawyers walk him into the courthouse all I could think of was what it must be like to know you’re never going to be free again–ever. That has to be a paralysing fear. It’s probably why some cons say death is better than life. I suspect Madoff will grow used to his new surroundings and not wish for death.

“When I began the Ponzi scheme I believed it would end shortly and I would be able to extricate myself and my clients from the scheme. However, this proved difficult, and ultimately impossible, and as the years went by I realized that my arrest and this day would inevitably come. I am painfully aware that I have deeply hurt many, many people, including the members of my family, my closest friends, business associates and the thousands of clients who gave me their money.”

I actually believe the first part of that.

But why did he start this in the first place? Who knows. There are some people who have dodged enough bullets to think they are bulletproof.

A lot of you know I am Jewish. I am embarrassed as a Jew for what Madoff did. I know it’s not my responsibility, but I am proud of the achievements of Jews. It’s only fair I feel some emotional pain for this, especially since it seems he played on his Jewishness in his business dealings. Bastard.

Though the tired old phrase says “Time heals all wounds,” “Time wounds all heels,” says it better.

6 thoughts on “On Bernie Madoff”

  1. I understand what you are saying, and I agree with your feelings about Mr. Madoff.

    What I don’t understand is why his being Jewish has an effect on you. Should I feel embarrassed because of the Catholic Priests that have done wrong? I think not.

    Now it’s payback time for Mr. Madoff. Paybacks a bitch….

  2. Bernie Madoff used his financial stardom to ingratiate himself with the Jewish community. Here’s part of a note from the Wall Street Journal.

    Madoff is at the epicenter of Jewish philanthropic life in New York and Palm Beach, and people who invested–though clearly that is the wrong word–people taken in by him have lost billions of dollars. And those donors over a period of 10 years from now won’t be giving away huge amounts of money to Jewish or secular causes.

    This is how I feel. Others make their own choices.

  3. If you had seen the “60 Minutes” segment on Madoff you would have heard what he did described as an “Affinity Scam” – that is one where the perpetrator preys upon others in the same group as him. The group could be a religion, a national background, a college attended, etc.

    That is why others of the same group not involved in the scam, either as the perpetrator or as a victim, may feel betrayed by a member of the group that brings disgrace/dishonor to the group.

  4. Although I’m a little older than you (and also Jewish) I certainly understand your concerns about Madoff’s Jewishness.

    We are a very proud people and our accomplishments are many. Years of ridicule and prejudice have put us all in a difficult predicament. Even while our successes far outnumber our failures the moment that a failure surfaces our concerns of antisemitism surface as well. It’s a normal, natural feeling. From the days of the Rosenberg’s convictions and subsequent executions and other similar occurrences, our sensitivities are stirred at awful moments like these.

    I get it and I agree with you completely!

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