Vegas Baby

We are here. We are in the room. This hotel, The Palazzo, is the nicest place we’ve ever stayed.

Our trip to Las Vegas was rather uneventful. Our flight left late and arrived early. The plane had a party atmosphere, which meant noise… lots of noise while we wanted to sleep.

We are here. We are in the room. This hotel, The Palazzo, is the nicest place we’ve ever stayed.

It’s considered all suite and the room is large. It’s divided into two, but it’s really one room. Our view is north toward Wynn and the Desert Inn golf course.

We have dinner at the Grand Luxe, their idea of a Vegas coffee shop. I had a pasta dish which was excellent.

This evening I played in the nightly poker tournament. I didn’t cash, coming in 17 of 74. I played very well and was pleased what I was able to do with the cards I had. No regrets.

You’ll notice a number of photos with huge umbrellas. They are part of an art theme in the hotel. I’m not sure why, though I’ll try and figure it out.








7 thoughts on “Vegas Baby”

  1. Those umbrellas are a seasonal decor. When we were there in January it was decorated for Chinese New Year, and they were not there when I was there in August

    I prefer the Palazzo to Bellagio. The only issue I found was inconsistent maid service during my stay. Sometimes shampoos/lotions would be replaced, sometimes not. Sometimes a turndown mint on my pillow, other times not.

    Grand Luxe is an offshoot of the Cheesecake Factory. We enjoyed their food.

  2. My last two Southwest flights took off over a half hour late and still arrived early. Not that I am complaining. I just find it intersting that they schedule that much overhead.

  3. That’s an interesting room design! Looks massive! Enjoy your time off! Keep those photos coming! (Love the food photos! It’s fun to see how different meals are presented!)

  4. Long flights are subject to larger flight time changes because of the speed of the jet stream. We hit it well where it wasn’t very strong (it’s a headwind going west).

    The room looks larger than it is because I’ve used a wide angle lens so you could see it all. It’s big–not that big.

  5. Reading this reminded me of our recent trip to Vegas in February, we stayed at the Wynn and my husband took me to see Barry Manilow. One of the best vacations ever. Thanks for putting these pics up.

  6. Vegas, huh….you realize while you are basking in the sun and warmth we had SNOW in CT today??!! Heavy flurries, but come on…it’s basically mid-April. Think you can bring some sun/warmth back with you??

  7. I love, love, love the picture that is looking up under the hanging umbrellas. It reminds me of a very colorful Mary Poppins, if that makes sense.

    I always enjoy your photos, but I had to comment about this one.

    (I have your blog in my google reader and it takes me forever to read my reader because I have a 4.5 month old son, so.. sorry for the lateness of this comment!)

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