A Very Large Panorama

Before the sec was up I’d taken 37 photos each overlapping the previous one.


Helaine and I were walking on Las Vegas Boulevard when I asked her to wait “a sec” while I took a few shots. We were in front of the Mirage Hotel. Before the sec was up I’d taken 37 photos each overlapping the previous one.

I ran the shots through Microsoft’s free Image Composite Editor to create a panorama and output the file in their Deep Zoom format. Here’s the result&#185!

The deeper you zoom, the more detail you see.

Because of the technology behind this there is very little delay and zooming into this immense image is smooth as can be.

I don’t often ask for them, but your comments on this ‘trick’ are encouraged.

&#185 – Microsoft Silverlight (which you might already have installed) is required.

4 thoughts on “A Very Large Panorama”

  1. The software divides the photo into a series of photos, each at a different level of zoom and resolution. As you zoom in, only the slice necessary for your view is loaded which makes the process happen very quickly. The actual original is 26015 by 7442 pixels or a 193 megapixel image!

  2. Love the finished image Geoff. These types of images are so much fun to share with friends. Normally no one wants to see my vacation pictures, but if you use this technology they become fun for people to play with. I’m also amazed at the Gigapan technology which is similar to this but requires a robotic mount on a tripod. Have you looked at the Gigapan systems for your camera?

  3. Gigapan is only for smaller, point-and-shoot, cameras right now. I think it’s a little too automated for me.


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