The Mountain Welcomes Us Back And Beats The Crap Out Of Me

We stopped walking Sleeping Giant Mountain’s 1.6 mile trail in November&#185. It was getting cold and treacherous with ice on the path and leaves hiding the small boulders that make footing tricky.

Today was our day to start the 2009 season. That wasn’t a thought held only by the Foxes. It was jammed. On this unseasonably warm day everyone and their dog was there! We love seeing dogs on the trail.

If you stop walking for 5&#189 months you get out of shape! That’s first hand knowledge speaking.

Before we got to the midpoint I was huffing and puffing. We walked another few minutes before stopping for a minute or two. At points my lungs were burning. We made the top in just under 30 minutes. It didn’t take long to recharge and head down.

I am exhausted. I am a little sore. We will be back–hopefully Tuesday.

&#185 – Helaine has asked me to add, that’s 3.2 miles and up and down a 60 story building for each round trip.

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