What Is Orange County?

I’m in Lake Forest, a small suburb within the uber suburb that is Orange County. It is all that’s good and bad with America. It is instant gratification. It is financial meltdown. It is mall shopping and freeway driving. It is green. It is flowering. It is desert. It is filled with water.

While shooting my Cousin Melissa I took some time to pick up a little sense of the scenery.







3 thoughts on “What Is Orange County?”

  1. It’s always fun to check your blog and find photos.!!!..That dog’s eyes are just amazing! I’m sure your portraits are equally captivating. Good luck to your cousin in her venture!

  2. Thank you so much, Geoff, for the photographs! It was also great to hang around the OC with you.

    Scout asked me to tell your readers that he is not “scenery.”

    He is The Dog.

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