Michael Jackson’s Funeral

I’ve had enough with Michael Jackson’s death/funeral.

I am not at the Peter King point, but I’ve had enough with Michael Jackson’s death/funeral.

Can this please be the end of it–this afternoon? Please.

There’s no doubt he had talent and that he was a deeply flawed human, but he’s been raised to the level of deity. There is no proportion to the coverage.

4 thoughts on “Michael Jackson’s Funeral”

  1. Amen to that! It’s nice that the memorial service is being broadcast so all his fans can see it, but the 24/7 coverage of every minute of his life, every rumor, all the speculation has been over-kill for the last two weeks. Enough already! Whatever you thought of him, let him rest in peace.

  2. that’s enough!! How about a new story. He was not really liked by many! I won’t watch the tmz ever or care for 1 second about Jackson’s family. They are a bunch of circus freaks

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