Feeling The Weather

This is a step beyond being able to say rain/no rain.

As you might imagine I am a radar watcher. I looked at it today while on the sofa and said to myself, “That’s ugly.”

Obviously, it’s going to rain tonight–though that’s not a particularly blogworthy note.

What’s become more important to me is a recent increase in my own ability to look at remote sensing (like a radar or satellite loop) or computer models and understand at a very basic level just how that day will look and feel. This is a step beyond being able to say rain/no rain.

There’s a limit to how much of this detail I can actually impart in a forecast. Too much detail and the viewers will take away less! In some cases I’m not sure there are ways to quantify these physical feelings.

It’s frustrating to know more than you can say.

One thought on “Feeling The Weather”

  1. I am just getting to comment now – but WOW! Those were some storms last night and the night before! We have been calling them Pergola Splash Parties. Our pergola has a cloth cover and therefore collects lots of puddles. Yesterday morning we got SOAKED when we were pushing the puddles off! LOL!

    This morning was a bunch of little puddles. What a way to gauge the storms 0 :o)


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