Roxie Finds The Camera Again

Tonight at work someone asked, “Do you just keep a camera on the coffee table?”

Yeah. Of course. You don’t?

The dog continues to be too photogenic… too expressive to leave undocumented.

It takes more failed shots to come up with a good dog portrait than a human portrait. There are many that are out-of-focus or have Roxie cut out of the the shot.

I’m mostly shooting these on my belly. The viewfinder is sometimes in an inconvenient position. In that case I’ll use the red focus beacon from the strobe gun to do my aiming.

As far as I’m concerned it has been decided. The only way to shoot a dog as at a dog’s eye level. With a tiny dog you are down very low.

Saturday Stef will be taking Roxie to the vet for her third parvo shot. They says she can then go outside. We’ll see.

roxie confident near the sofa.jpg

2 thoughts on “Roxie Finds The Camera Again”

  1. She is just adorable. She always looks to me like she has a smile… I have been trying to take the perfect portrait of my lhasa.. I lie oh the floor, focus, and he walks away. Then it takes me half an hour to get up off the floor…Old age–not so good.

  2. Geoff,

    Be careful some might confuse this with doggie porn, lol.

    Oh and by the way I had to do a double take last night when I saw you with the Westie, It reminded me of the good old days with Ivy.

    Be well,


    PS It is nice to see that Roxie & Stef have you trained so well,lol

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