Out In The Sticks Out In The Desert

The desert is not Connecticut. There will never be any confusion.

We decided to look around at some homes today. Sort of a casual thing. At some point we’d like to leave winter behind and move to the desert.

There’s not as much new construction as there once was here in the desert. Duh! There are few places that have seen real estate plunge as deeply as it has here.

We pulled into one place where the security guard looked at me and said, “You know, this community is 55 and over?”

I’m flattered. On the other hand, I’d rather she had a valid concern!

We drove past one community that was bordered with clusters of grapefruit trees! The fruit was growing, falling and sitting on the ground. How do churches do fund raisers here if you can pick up grapefruit from the side of the road? I’m only asking because I expect my order from Michael Green’s church when we get back home.

We looked at one place in La Quinta. Nice floorplan. Outside there was a small pool and gas powered fireplace. It was far out on the southern outskirts of town. Here, where you’re in the middle of nowhere you’re really in the middle of nowhere–and this place certainly was!

As we walked I pulled out my iPhone so you could catch what it is that appeals to us. The desert is not Connecticut. There will never be any confusion.

la quinta california vista.jpg

One thought on “Out In The Sticks Out In The Desert”

  1. One thing to watch out for in the desert areas:

    A good friend of ours retired to the desert, and had horrible allergies in the springtime, to the point that he was hospitalized. When the desert blooms, it does it with a vengance!

    He sold out, and he and his wife moved to San Diego–which has a similar climate, but for hin, less allergic reactions.

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