Dragon’s Free Dictation App From My iPhone–Wow!

No one who uses an iPhone who I’ve shown it to has hesitated before downloading it!

This entry was dictated into my iPhone. Judge for yourself how good or bad Dragon Dictation is. It is a free app.

dragon-dictation-iphone.jpgLast week. My friend Peter Sacks send me a link to a new app for my iPhone call dragon dictation. I’ve been waiting the past few days to try and use it to dictate my blog. So here goes. Paragraph. Basically you just speak into the iPhone. There is no training necessary I’m not sure how to accomplish what I want to do because there are no instructions that come with the program! It would be more usable if it was more integrated into the iPhone. Now you have to cut and paste messages into a text message and you can’t say an address for an e-mail. Still, this is free is free is very good!

  • Sacks should be Sachs.
  • Dragon should be capitalized.
  • The word “paragraph” was meant to tell the program to begin a new paragraph. That might not be the right command.
  • The last sentence should be “Still this is free and free is good.”

When you speak your voice is sent to Dragon’s computers. All the heavy lifting is done there. On a wi-fi connection it is nearly an instantaneous transcript.

If there was better integration into the mail and text programs (I believe Apple’s policies prevent this) this app would be a killer. As it is now it’s very impressive. No one who uses an iPhone who I’ve shown it to has hesitated before downloading it!

2 thoughts on “Dragon’s Free Dictation App From My iPhone–Wow!”

  1. The company that owns Dragon is Nuance – they make the Naturally Speaking product which is supposedly to be very good.

    Maybe if they get the bugs out of this (I assume it’s a beta or version 1), it will likely be very effective for the iPhone.

  2. Wow. That is impressive. And it shows how bad our accents are. We were trying the same app with friends last night and it gave us 90 percent wrong. It was a good half an hour of fun though!

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