It’s The Best Toy Ever

The iPhone is transformational technology. It will change your life.

apple-iphone-3g.jpg“It’s the best toy ever,” was what my secretive friend in the San Fernando Valley said right after he got his iPhone. He kept saying it and saying it and saying it until I too broke down. You know what? He was right.

I complained originally about the keyboard and inconsistencies regarding when or which apps allow you to turn the screen to the landscape position. Still true. Horrendous battery life. Also true. I have chargers or cables at home, work and in the car.

The iPhone is transformational technology. It will change your life.

More than likely what I’m saying also applies to the new phones running the Android operating system, like the Droid and the soon to be unveiled (but already widely seen) phone from Google itself!

If you just count hours I used the iPhone more when I first got it . Now I go for value and utility. I answer email and check Facebook and Twitter. I don’t update my blog with it… well I did once and it wasn’t fun!

I have added apps. I’ve added enough that every once in a while I clean things out and reclaim a little space.

I have been blown away by some of these little programs like the amazing ReelDirector video editor. That was $4.99 well spent! Everyone is astounded I can shoot and edit video in the phone and the quality is very good.

Tonight my friend Bob showed me Glympse, which will allow a friend to track you for a set period of time. If I was driving to your house I’d send a private url which would allow you to track me and know when I’d be there.

Sometimes I use the iPhone instead of my car radio to listen to shows on NPR. I flew cross country using it to watch movies. I keep France24, a 24-hour English language all-news TV network from France, as my live TV demo–though I seldom actually watch it otherwise.

Yes, it’s a phone. It’s also a computer which leverages special hardware, like a GPS receiver, compass, accelerometer and touch screen. That makes it a computer that knows exactly where it is and what’s nearby.

Every time a new app arrives the phone does a little more. That’s not going away any time soon.

Apple is a little controlling. I wish I could see a little more of the inner digital workings.

I’m sure my California friend is reading this and taking some satisfaction that he ‘made the sale.’

4 thoughts on “It’s The Best Toy Ever”

  1. And I in turn finally bought one after reading your early reviews.

    I had been considering it for quite a while but the data plan cost held me back.

    Now, I did have an IPod before you Geoff and I even encouraged you to get one but you resisted for a while anyway.

  2. I bought a Droid earlier this month. Its unbelievable. I have been an avid Windows phone user for the last several years. The Droid blows it away. Now if Sling Media would create the Slingplayer mobile app for Android then I’d be really happy. Otherwise, I think its an amazing device.

  3. Perhaps you should have been looking out the window rather than at your new toy. I looked out and saw snow that you did not predict and a terrible ride into work. Do they have radar maps on the best toy ever.

  4. Funny how you treat your iPod like a best toy ever. Well anyway it’s yours you can say and do what you want. I’m planning to buy one next week but I’m thinking twice to get a Tab. I think it will gonna be more convenient to use and amazing device.


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