Checking In On The Fox Family West Coast Bureau

With our cell plan calls between the three of us are free (Well, free the way ice cream was free when Stef went to day camp).

Stef is in California. No job yet. She’s trying to feel her way through her new surroundings first.

There’s lots to do and we’re hearing all about it. She’s spoken to Helaine a few times each day. That’s an immense change from the availability of just a few years ago. Even I spent twenty minutes on-the-phone with her last night.

I know. I was the only one she knew who was awake at that hour. It’s still good to be called. The conversation was very enjoyable.

Our cell plan makes calls between the three of us free (Free the way ice cream was free when Stef went to day camp). Even from a non-cellphone she’s only a local call away.

The 203 number all her friends know (and have programmed in their phones) probably won’t change.

We have Skype enabled on all our computers. We haven’t used it yet. I’m sneakily suspicious this stems from my wife and daughter’s common aversion to being on camera–even if it’s only us who see it.

Luckily, I don’t have that aversion.

Two days after Helaine and I left California Stef got sick! Her roommate became “Dr. Jen, Medicine Woman.” It was the toughest part of being separated so far! When your child isn’t feeling well you want to be able to reach out and help.

Of course part of the reason she’s out west is to rise above the bubble wrapped environment many parents (like us) would like their children to live in. Stef needs to make her own decisions without instant parental analysis. We’re here for guidance, but to paraphrase the old commercial, “Stefanie Fox, you make the call.”

roxie with red toy.jpgMy phone buzzed a few minutes ago with two photos of Roxie. She’s still an “aggressive chewer.” I expect pictures will also help keep us in touch.

It was Roxie’s turn to get sick yesterday. Stefanie to the rescue. She did everything we would have suggested she do and now Roxie’s fine.

I tweeted last night how excited I am with and for Stef. This is an amazing time for her. Her new life is free form and more malleable than the structured life of her 16 years of formal education. She will make decisions now which will guide her future.

2,879 miles is still far away, but it isn’t as far as it once was.

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  1. As you said Geoff, Skype, the phone, and other things make communication easier, but it doesn’t fully substitute for the “physical” presence.

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