Ding Goes The Elevator

Our hotel room is near the elevator. We’re at the Crowne Plaza. Ding–everytime it opens … All night long! Other than that it’s a suprisingly pretty hotel.

Internet access on my iPhone is horrendous. To get any service I have turned off 3G. This will be a short entry.

We saw “Rock of Ages” the 80s rock musical last night.

If leaving wanting more is the sign of success this is a successful show. More on it and more on this trip when I’m back on a high speed connection with a real keyboard.

3 thoughts on “Ding Goes The Elevator”

  1. It is truly astounding how little hotels have done to provide decent wired and/or wireless access in their hotels.

    But glad you enjoyed the musical.

  2. Did you get your room through Priceline? I have found that when I do, I seem to get the rooms that are in less than favorable locations and are noisy.

  3. A friend of mine has seen “Rock of Ages” 45 times. She’s hoping to hit 50 within the next month. I guess it really does leave one wanting more!!

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