The Prettiest Snow

Snow that cover the branches as this one has, then stay in place waiting for me to grab my camera are unusual.

The Eskimos were right! There a many different types of snow with very different looks and feels. Today’s fell just below freezing with no wind. It’s heavy. It sticks. It clings. It covers everything–no matter how tiny.

Snow that covers the branches as this one has then stays in place waiting for me to grab my camera are unusual. Their also really pretty.

I wonder if my Malibu visiting daughter thinks it’s pretty? Not that I hold a grudge.

4 thoughts on “The Prettiest Snow”

  1. Geoff,

    2 things, maybe related!

    1. What are you doing up?

    2. nothing is showing up on the blog as far as pictures, maybe you need some more sleep!

  2. Hey Mr. Maxon – pictures showed up for me!

    Nice set of pictures, Geoff. This is the kind of pretty snow that we look forward to in the winter.

    As for Stef – she is probably glad to be away from snow, but probably hating the rain big time.

  3. Geoff,

    I hate to say anything as mother nature takes it’s own course but you and most of the other Ct. weathermen said we were only going to get an inch or two on the coast. I live in East Haven and as of 4pm I have 6 and counting.

    I know mother nature takes it’s own way adn estimates of how much we get usually seem to be nothing but pot luck.

  4. Geoff,

    I just shoveled 8 times the amount of snow you and your fellow weather forecasters said the shore was going to get. I am not sure what I should do regarding your next snow forecast, multiply it by eight or divide it by 8. Oh well it is just snow and it is pretty, nice pics.

    Where do you live that you have 8 times what I said. The lowest amount I posted was 2-5″. So where the 40″?

    His IP address resolves to Comcast on the Eastern Shore.

    I mention this (and an email from someone who said I predicted a dusting) because I often have to answer for what I didn’t say.

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