0 Dark 30!

I suspect pajamas at the curb aren’t all that unusual at the airport.

pajamas.jpgMy friend Kevin was a busy guy. On weekends he’d often try and fit a week’s worth of activities into two days. I can’t tell you how many times he said he started at “0 dark 30!”

I loved that phrase–so descriptive without really meaning anything specific.

That’s when my day began today,or maybe ended: “0 Dark 30.” It’s a blur at the moment.

I get home from work around midnight. Usually bedtime is between 4:00 and 5:00 AM. Today Helaine was flying to California, leaving at 6:50 AM. With but one usable winter car she needed a lift to Bradley.

We were on-the-road before 5:00 AM. There are more cars on the road at 5:00 AM then when I usually come home. I’m sure those people look at my normal 3:00 PM departure for work the way I look at theirs. Who would want to do that?

This whole trip would be totally forgettable except Helaine asked, “Are you going to wear your pajamas?”

Really? Seriously? This is like one of those movies from the 60s where mom is shuttling the kids in a housecoat and curlers!

As I started to carry her bags downstairs Helaine looked at me and laughed.

“You put on your watch?”

Yes I did and a baseball cap! I can’t tell you why I wore a watch except I feel out-of-balance if I don’t.

The drive was a breeze both ways. A quick hundred miles has been added to the odometer. When we got to the terminal I popped out and took her bags from the car to the curb.

I suspect pajamas at the curb aren’t all that unusual at the airport.

Flightaware says she has 20 minutes to go. Coast-to-coast while I tried to catch up on my sleep.

2 thoughts on “0 Dark 30!”

  1. So I take it Kevin is ex-military? I picked up that and many other turns of phrase from my time in the Army. They vex my wife to this day.

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