Desi Does Chromakey!

Desiree Fontaine normally isn’t around when I am. Usually, in the evening, I’m the only person ‘working’ the chromakey at the TV station. With tonight’s slippery roads Desi was here and I got a chance to shoot some video so you can see how the chromakey works.

2 thoughts on “Desi Does Chromakey!”

  1. I have always found this “green screen” stuff really fascinating!!! I wondered how you “know” exactly where cities are if the wall is blank behind you? The monitor on the side wall looks a little small–can you look at the monitor in the camera and see where you’re pointing? It certainly works, though! It always feels like you’re giving us a personal weather-cast. Loved the Youtube videos as well. Are you ever tempted to wear a green shirt to work?

  2. Beaucoup cool. I was workin a job in ABQ where they had the monitor so lo the poor wxman looked like he was doing penance half the time.

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