Roxie And Stef Are On The Way

Roxie took a pill and a half which hasn’t taken effect yet. Uh oh.

Helaine spoke to Stef a little while ago. They were on their way to the airport. Roxie took a pill and a half which hasn’t taken effect yet. Uh oh. Earlier Helaine saw Stef’s Chicago flight was the continuation of a Sydney/Los Angeles.

“It’s running an hour early,” she said.

It’s not quite that simple, because other than the flight number these seem like two totally separate flights. The Sydney/Los Angeles leg is aboard a 747. Los Angeles to Chicago is on an A320.

Why does United present it this way? Is it so they can claim ‘direct’ Australia/Chicago service? I don’t know.

In the meantime I’m hoping Roxie sleeps coast-to-coast.

2 thoughts on “Roxie And Stef Are On The Way”

  1. Having flown with doggie before, I have found that although the airline requies that dog and carrier must be under the seat on take-off and landing, the best place is on your lap if possible. My dog (Tibetan Terrier) was also a lot calmer if I opened the top zipper on our bag (Sherpa) just enough to stick my hand in there so he knew it was me. Once he settled down, he was cool with the ride. His snoring, at one point, made me think there was something awry with the airplane.

    His favorite part was all the folks that cam up to pet him while we waited in the DFW terminal half-way through the trip. I had his collar/leash FIRMLY in my hand, and just let his head stick out of the bag. Everyone had to pet him.

    Now that we have more dogs to travel with, we’ve quit traveling by air. The doggies are trained to pick a spot in the back seat, settle down, and sleep. Puppies travel in their smallish crate.

    I’m sure Roxie will do ok. I have not had to sedate dogs to travel, but maybe that will take the edge off the stress for Roxie. If Roxie is sure Stef is there (by scent) it should not be too bad.

  2. Think that’s bad? Try spending six hours (each way)in a car with two cats that don’t want to be in a car – ever!

    Lesson learned. The cats stay home now. Never again.

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