Roxie’s Back In Town

She doesn’t object to photos. That makes her life easier to chronicle.

Stef’s back in Connecticut for a short visit. I’d write about that but no pictures! Also appearing, Roxie. She loves doesn’t object to photos. That makes her life easier to chronicle.

Is Roxie still small? Yes, but she’s bigger than we thought she’d be at nearly 14 pounds.

Is Roxie still cute? Hello!

She’s still not a year old but has calmed down a lot. In fact she’s sitting on the sofa with me right now. She was totally content until she heard Stef’s voice on the phone upstairs.

Roxie’s crate (aka: gated community) is back on the family room floor. Suitcases block easy access to ‘sensitive’ areas.

In many ways having Roxie here is like having a child in the house… if you could only get a child to poop on the front lawn!

3 thoughts on “Roxie’s Back In Town”

  1. Well…pooping on the front lawn would not be my first choice, however I would vote for an obscure area of the yard that no one would step in!
    Glad your girl is home!! Enjoy! ;o)
    (Oh and tell Stef that we would love to see a pic her with Mom and Dad…maybe Roxie could take it!)

  2. Roxie looks very content in that picture, Geoff.

    Hope Stef and Roxie are enjoying her time here.

    As DorisC said – would love to see a picture of all the Fox Family!

  3. Heh, dogs have it made. They get to poop ANYWHERE they want to, and us humans always clean up after them…

    Spoiled, totally spoiled–and I would not have it any other way.]

    “Happiness is a warm puppy”

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