Getting Set To Leave Florida

The effect is whenever the doorbell rings it’s like being at St. Patricks’s Cathedral as mass is called on Christmas Eve!

The sky is blue. The sun is warm. It’s still early spring and the humidity isn’t here. Florida is perfect today. Not nearly perfect–perfect!

My mom is doing very well. She’s still medicated to help her pain, but she’s functioning and walking around a little. She has begun to wrap her hand around soft objects like a towel and squeeze her fingers. It’s important for her to stretch her tendons.

This was my scheduled day to leave and the schedule holds. I’ll be on the 6:15 PM flight to Tampa then another flight from there to Hartford. I should be home before midnight.

I am exhausted. This is not a good place to rest! My parents are LOUD. My dad wears hearing aids in both ears which seem to be totally non-functional based on my observation.

They started talking to each other, which translates to yelling at each other, early this morning. By nine the phone and doorbell had made their presence known. The day after surgery the phone started ringing in the morning and continued non-stop all day long.

In order to make sure the doorbell is heard there is a repeater chime inside the house. The effect is whenever the doorbell rings it’s like being at St. Patrick’s Cathedral as mass is called on Christmas Eve!

The phone rings in three or four different places calling out the name of the caller after the second ring. “Katz Miriam” is a favorite as the phone speaks last name first.

My parents seem to be in good health. They’re in their 80s so expectations are different, but they got around nicely until this mishap and will again beyond the next few days. My mother will continue to wear her big slap of foam rubber until she revisits the surgeon Tuesday.

Regardless of circumstances it’s great to see them. I’ll miss them when I go.

One thought on “Getting Set To Leave Florida”

  1. You were there when they really needed you, Geoff. That was key. Now they have good friends to look after them. Safe travels back home.

    P.S. While not as warm as Florida, it is GLORIOUS up this way today!

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