How To Sound Old

You don’t have to be on Facebook or Twitter. You do have to respect the new social media for the mere fact you have viewers and potential viewers who think it’s valuable.

I read some quotes today from a well respected anchor on a program with national reach. Who she is isn’t as important as what she said.

“I don’t have Facebook, and I don’t tweet. I don’t know what all this tweeting is about,”

You don’t have to be on Facebook or Twitter. Much of what goes on on both is insipid. You do have to respect social media for the mere fact viewers and potential viewers think it’s valuable. Being dismissive or disrespectful of your audience’s likes is seldom the road to success!

It’s no secret I hope people who read my blog or are friends with me on Facebook will also watch me on TV. I’m glad to open this personal connection. It’s valuable on a variety of levels.

A zillion years ago when I worked in Florida I watched a guy (probably a few decades younger than I am now) who seemed to be going through the motions. I was around 20. It upset me.

I made a commitment back then: never be him.

If you don’t keep up as the environment which surrounds you changes you’re just going through the motions. Who wants that?

6 thoughts on “How To Sound Old”

  1. Even if you don’t want to fully embrace the technology, it is always nice to try and learn about it and/or have someone show you.

  2. I’ve been watching you every night since your start, and I read your blog everyday. You are an eloquent writer and never fail to make me laugh! I’d love just once to meet you (I’ll add it to my bucket list! LOL).

  3. Hi Geoff,
    I’ve been a weather buff for many years, actually since I as a little girl. I have been a fan of yours for years and watch you faithfully. I do however take umbrence when you say how lucky we are when we miss certain weather systems with rain. You know you can have a lovely day with rain. My pastures and vegtable garden depend on it. I have a well and cannot water the way I would like to. I live in Plainfield and my lawn and pastures and gardens are suffering. I know you can’t make the weather but it would be nice to hear you inform people just how important we need the rain to keep our wells,and gardens producing. If I don’t get a second cutting of hay, what will my horses do for the winter? Without rain everything will die and I believe it is the most precious resource we have. You can’t water the lawns and gardens with Gasoline. So be glad when you are predicting rain in stead of telling everyone we dodged the bullet for the weekend with lots of sun. I for one would be happy to hear it was going to rain for two days. Here in southwestern Ct. we have not had substantial rain in weeks and the sunny 90’s have depleted the moisture from the ground. I’ll just keep praying for a rainy day, and hope you will too.
    Sincerly, Diane Bragg
    HillCrest Farm

  4. Hi Claudia – I look forward to meeting you some day. I’m always out-and-about. JDRF has its walk in the fall.

    Diane – My opinion doesn’t change the weather. The forecast is unaffected by my personal likes.


    After writing this comment Helaine said, “That’s not nice.”

    Diane – Helaine is right. I understand your upset (and also understand you’re upset) when the weather doesn’t do what you want. My ‘rooting’ for the opposite is like throwing salt on a wound. I hope you understand that’s not my intention. I will try and temper my remarks in consideration of your feelings and those of others who agree.

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