What A Comeback

Her TV was on. The sound was muted. A good fan does not abandon.

I’m guessing you didn’t see the Phils game Thursday night. Holy crap. What a game!

The best way to follow what happened–my calls to Helaine.

I called her when I got back to the station after dinner. I peeked at the score and tread lightly. The Phils were down early as the Dodgers scored three in the first.

“Blanton,” I said referring to Joe Blanton the Amish bearded starting pitcher. She is not a fan. Me neither&#185

I called again a little after ten. By then the Phils were being blown out. It was 9-2 and Helaine was telling me how everything had gone and was going wrong.

Her TV was on. The sound was muted. A good fan does not abandon. We commiserated. We said goodnight.

Back at the TV station our newscast had been pushed back by the Pats pre-season game. I finished my prep work with the Phillies playing silently on my iPhone.

They scored four in the eighth and shut down the Dodgers in the ninth. They still needed three to catch up.

The Phils came up in the ninth and loaded the bases without a hit.

I watched Joe Torre walk to the mound, talk to the pitcher and let him stay in. Very unusual. Pitching coaches talk. Managers pull.

Ben Francisco came up and drove in two, a very good outcome for the Phils helped by an error on what was a likely double play. Chooch, Carlos Ruiz, was up next. He slammed one off the outfield wall!

The Phils won!

When the Dodgers Jamey Carroll singled to left and Casey Blake scored for the Dodgers in the eight making it 9-2 FanGraphs.com put the Phils chances of winning at .4% or 250:1!

I called Helaine. “Put another one in the win column for the Phightin’ Phils.” It was said with a reasonably loud voice heard by everyone in the studio. I was excited.

Helaine took the TV off mute.

&#185 – I see when people are talking about me on the Internet. Google sends me email when my name’s mentioned. If I were a major league ballplayer that’s the last thing I’d do. I’m not sure I’d fire up a computer at all. I certainly would never listen to all sports radio. I don’t have thick enough skin.

4 thoughts on “What A Comeback”

  1. Geoff, recently transplanted to the Philly area and have jumped on the Phillies bandwagon…..unreal to describe the game last night. Took me a long time to wind down and go to sleep- I was so pumped!

    They just might find a way to get into the playoffs like they have the last 2 years…could be a rematch of Yanks-Phillies for the World Series!

  2. Geoff,

    True story, I was in the Mt. Laurel, NJ for work last week and had my Thursday night open. I was debating between catching the game or going to Atlantic City for the night… I chose AC. Was definitely kicking myself when I saw the highlights later that night.

  3. It would have depended on my desire to beat the crowd out of the stadium… Driving in that area was bad enough without 40,000 people leaving all at once haha. My lack of allegiance to either team wouldn’t have swayed me to stay either. But I guess in hindsight, of course I would have stayed 😉

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