Stalking You On Facebook

I stalk you on Facebook. OK–stalk is too strong a word. I look at people’s profiles. Please, someone tell me I’m not alone in doing this.

I’m on Facebook. I suspect you know that. I’m easy. Friend me&#185. I’ll friend you back.

It’s more fun than I anticipated.

I wonder how many friends I’ve lost because I make a lot of noise on Facebook posting at a reasonably steady clip? Facebook doesn’t say when you’re de-friended. Oh the humanity.

I stalk you on Facebook. OK–stalk is too strong a word. I look at people’s profiles. Please, someone tell me I’m not alone in doing this.

Most friends are ‘normal’. I also have some really strange friends. Admit it. Some of you are a little out-of-round.

I love the pictures. I can tell a lot about you by your pictures. This is the photo you chose to represent yourself. These are the people you want to be seen with!

There is a trend (more with young than old but not exclusively so) toward self shot photography. This photo is from a Facebook friend who said it was OK to post it here. She’s a perfect example.

It represents a shift in how photography is perceived. It is much more casual and more personal. Photography used to accompany an event. Not today. Photography is always around.

There are two types of ‘self shot’ seen on Facebook. One tries to properly point the camera from the end of an outstretched arm. The other is shot at a mirror with the camera casually held to the side. Neither existed pre-digital.

The mirror shot makes the bathroom our most photographed indoor location!

Here’s a quick summary of some of my friends’ thought tonight.

The guy who took this picture said his hand was unsteady because he just smoked weed. LMAO!!!!
So proud of my Jr. Pee Wee Cheerleaders tonight.
likes History and 38 other pages
Ok woman, you know you messed up you can fix it or get the hell gone. Either way I’m good.
Good night, I can’t keep my eyes open any more…this farming is exhausting!

If I didn’t enjoy I wouldn’t come back.

&#185 – This offer applies exclusively to people. I usually resist friending businesses.

4 thoughts on “Stalking You On Facebook”

  1. Hi Geoff,

    My relatively new Canon PowerShot has a new (to me) option called the “face self-timer.” You set up the camera in the face self-timer mode and it does not take a shot until it detects a face! Real cool!


    Stan, WA1LOU

  2. Oh God, the things I say sometimes…so what’s YOUR take on opening a Starbucks/Hooters type of coffee shop? I think it would work! LOL

  3. Geoff –
    I have friends who are virulently anti-Facebook. They see it as the Devil’s work. It IS, at times, a waste of time, and a pool of social shallowness – but so are a lot of other things. To me, it’s all in how you use it.
    I like posting pics, sharing articles, videos, etc. I get fewer junky forwarded emails since FB. (I send fewer, too.) And I can keep track of when/where my friends’ bands are playing, even if I hardly ever seem to get out to them.
    Yes, people ‘overshare’ and get snipey. That’s true in real life as well, but the web does seem to encourage boorish behavior. At the same time, it’s nice to hear that someone is sick or having troubles in a timely manner, before it’s too late to help. I’ve reconnected with some old friends. Some I stay connected to, others – well, we fell out of touch for a reason. Still, it’s nice to catch up, like you bumped into them at the mall or something.
    Like cellphones, FB means life is different now.

    Stan –
    I have a Sony pocket cam that has a smile sensor. And yes, it works-you can even set the sensitivity. Point it at somebody, and when they smile, the camera clicks. Unfortunately, I’m too grim to use it for a self-pic.

  4. Hey Geoff – sorry to disappoint you but I was using the self-portrait-in-the-mirror shot long before digital. I also attempted self-portrait in shadow. That was during my college days back in the late (19)70’s. I’ll try to find some and FB them to you! 🙂

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