This Isn’t Football!

Call me when the real season begins.

I’ve got football on. Hold a sec. Check that. Football off.

I like football. This is not football.

I’m sorry NBC I’m not picking on you. These games are missing all the excitement of football because they are not competitions.

Favre was pulled after one series. He went down under heavy defensive pressure. Grass stains on his tush!

If the game was tight and coming down to the wire would the starters go back in? Seriously? Why do I even use the word game?

It’s the summer. TV households are usually down. I’m sure it makes economic sense and there are people who want to watch (and certainly enough channels to set aside one), but this isn’t why I watch football.

Call me when the real season begins.

One thought on “This Isn’t Football!”

  1. I tend to agree, Geoff. I had a friend of mine from Arizona go off on me because her Cardinals beat my Houston Texans – both 3rd string squads were in.
    As you said, not football.
    Although I will say – QBs are dropping like flies.

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