Summer’s Slipping Away

The older I get the faster time moves. Summer feels like it’s hardly begun. I haven’t savored enough for it to leave.

I feel summer slipping away. On average the temperature drop off has already begun by now so this is no surprise. It just seems faster this year (and though I’m a man of science this is a 100% gut observation).

This has been an unusual summer.

Of course they’re all unusual in some way, but 2010 stands out for its lack of grimy air and haze. A lot of credit for that goes to fewer capping temperature inversions.

Why? As they say on Facebook, it’s complicated.

My love of summer is totally based on emotional factors. It’s easier to love summer than it once was. We have largely defeated summer’s cruelty through technology! Air conditioning is widely (though not universally) available.

Some people love winter. It is love misplaced! Sorry winter lovers I know you mean well.

Winter has not yet been mastered. We can control the temperature, but there’s so much more. Winter kicks us to the curb (if you can find the curb under all that damn snow) multiple times each year.

Right now the weather is beautiful. I know how this story ends.

4 thoughts on “Summer’s Slipping Away”

    1. I am a non-believer in seasonal forecasts. Not only is the accuracy suspect, but people live day-to-day not in larger chunks.

  1. But.. I just laid out $50 for my farmer’s almanac. Are you saying that it’s worthless? I just canceled plans for a picnic on April 17, 2011, because it will be “unusually stormy” in the northeast region that day.

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