The Wiftiness Of Long Range Hurricane Forecasting

It’s hurricane season. Yeah, I know it’s been that since June. This is REALLY hurricane season. From the last week and a half of August through the end of September the hurricane season spikes. There are two (almost three) Atlantic tropical systems simultaneously in play.

I am cautious so I constantly scan the computer models hoping for some insight. Earlier today the European model took Fiona (which doesn’t yet exist as a named storm) squarely into South Florida. Now it hits Havana two days earlier then heads into the Gulf toward New Orleans!

In other words no one knows.

One thought on “The Wiftiness Of Long Range Hurricane Forecasting”

  1. I think it’s sad with today’s technology we won’t know for sure about Earl’s direction until Wednesday and the problem with that is if it hits Friday it is too late to make plans to go to safety. I live in Westbrook. All the motels will be booked so where are people going to go? I have to ride it out in my home with no choice about it.

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