Bill Gates Goes Up In My Esteem (Like He Cares)

His trip to sucked simply put and he documented his grief in intricate detail and with obvious anger. The interviewer showed Gates the email and asked if he remembered it?

I’ve never been a big Bill Gates fan. You have to be ruthless to be a corporate titan. I just read a well thought out story about him. My mind is changed.

In 2008 with Gates leaving daily life at Microsoft Todd Bishop of the Seattle Post Intelligencer was granted an interview. To prepare he read through Bill Gates’ emails made public after a trial.

In one Gates complained loudly about his experience on The site was slow and confusing. He never accomplished his objective.

Gates sounded like a real user–you or me. His trip to sucked simply put and he documented his grief in intricate detail and with obvious anger.

The interviewer showed Gates the email and asked if he remembered it?

‘”What do you think I do all day? Sending an e-mail like that, that is my job. That’s what it’s all about. We’re here to make things better.”

That’s a better Bill Gates than I expected.

10 thoughts on “Bill Gates Goes Up In My Esteem (Like He Cares)”

  1. I think Gates is the George Steinbrenner of corporate titans. He thinks if you do some naughty things over here and some good things over there, it balances out. Well, it’s good to do the good things, no doubt. But why do the naughty things? (I once held MSFT but do not anymore…)

  2. well as for me i am one of the biggest fans of Bill Gate and really taking him as my mentor in every daily life activity. i love Bill Gate and wish he was my Dad so i could be proud of him everywhere i go. my email address is please let me get in contact with Bill Gate i want to work in his Microsoft company okay.

  3. Just stumbled across this post.

    Gates is simply the Thomas Edison of our time; a rare mix of inventor with business sense.
    Nothing more or less; and extremely unusual.

    Get a load of Bill Ford when you have time to surf the net a bit.

    Born into something as close to royalty as is possible in the United States, Ford gets it and sees saving his family’s company as a responsibility; his duty.

    Considering neither he nor his unborn great-great-great-grandchildren will never want for anything, his work ethic and sense of destiny is refreshing.

  4. mr bill i will always be happy for you.. you are such a great man try and email me one day because you look handsome and very rich money man money man ,oh bill you will live long

  5. Geoff,

    Rather ignorant and judgemental statement that you have to be ruthless to be a corporate titan. Since you have never been one, I think it’s pretty arrogant to make that proclamation. I am 57 and have photographed many “corporate titans ” for annual reports and biographies over the past 25 years. The one thing that the vast majority of them have, besides being intelligent and educated, is an ability to relate to people and understand them. Does it make sense that the biggest jerk will become the head of a multi national business? People like that don’t make it to the top because too many people above them see them for what they are and stop their journey to the top. That’s a rather cynical view. If that were the norm, than every President of the US would be a smiling,but ruthless bastard. Granted, they are not usually the smartest in the bunch as evidenced by the current occupant as well as the previous one, but I think you would find that they both are great humanitarians and genuinely nice guys. Please be part of the solution and not part of the problem that business is ruthless and evil as well as the people that run them. Millions of people have families and kids and put them through college and live productive lives because of people like Bill Gates. Even if he is a bastard, on balance the amount of good that his company does for all the affiliated businesses and jobs because of him, he’s a positive force in the universe. Truth is people are different and no one can be seen as a great guy by everyone. You may love one person and I may not. Simple as that, so give these people their do, not your stamp of approval or disapproval, based on what you “think” they are like. No one knows what they are like unless you actually are closely associated with them. Media portrayals are completely fabricated. If I were you , I wouldn’t decide whether these CEO’s are good people or not based on what you read in the media. After all, depends on what the media’s axe is to grind that day doesn’t it… Not Cool.

  6. He’s human. That’s about as much as you can expect from me (being a gnu/linux fan boy).
    Okay, I’ll also give him that his Bill & Melinda Foundation have done a lot of good. For that, at least, even I have to grant him some respect.

  7. I think Bill Gates is a pretty cool guy. He made a lot of computers and stuff. Now we can like, use robots with windows on it and listen to our favorite internet song. Thanks, brah.

  8. Both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs have done wonderful things…. and also have made mistakes.

    Is that not true of all of us?

    Don’t idealize public figures. They have their good days and their bad days, just like the rest of us. They just play/played in much bigger sandboxes and with higher stakes.

    For a more accurate picture of the real Steve Jobs, read his biography by Walter Isaacson. I think the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation speaks for itself.

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